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February 5, 2022

Less than 500 Miles to Antigua

Feb 4--- Calm and Flat  and HOT!!!.jpeg

Under 500 miles to Antigua! Owen reports conditions are still really slow and flat, but it’s the heat that is challenge! He’s used to slow and flat. He’s reported that the air conditioner and the ice maker are not working! The water is so warm on deck he doesn’t need to use the jetboil.


Conditions are not projected to change for probably 36 hours, in the mean time… he’s melting and hoping for some cloud cover.

While exciting to be under 500 miles, he still has a 12-14 days so trying to manage that. Hope to revise estimates when we see a change in conditions!

Thanks for all the support! To date we have raised $179,000 for Okizu!

less than 500 miles.jpeg
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