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FEBRUARY 20, 2022

NeLson's Dockyard

English Harbor, Antigua

It is 11 pm in Antigua (7pm PST and 3 am his time—remember he followed UTC time for the past 70 days.) I am guessing he will be in around 5-7 am local time. SUNRISE? The YB tracker is now updating his position every 15 minutes!  He’s making good speed but needs to rest a bit to take time off the auto tiller, eat and hydrate. Currents around the island change from mile to mile and can be helpful or Not! 

Sorry, it’s not optimal timing for the US—but you can click below and see the replays.  I am guessing I will be offline once he arrives for a while, but will update on social media and email links at some point (i.e while he is sleeping) so you can watch the replay.

The 75-25 pool will also be a nailbiter--- Donnie (Stepson), Rosie (Mother In Law) , Darrin (Killer Orca) and Ellen (Killer Whale) are all in the running at this point.  WHO WILL GO HOME WITH THE $410???

Wow that reads like a bad reality series!I  Guess that means I should try to get a few hours of sleep…

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