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FEBRUARY 16, 2022


Good Day yesterday! Owen was able to make some significant Northern Progress and take advantage of 48 hours of favorable conditions! But,of course, all good things must come to an end. More strong northerlies (pushing South) are expected in a few hours, so Owen is psyching himself up for the time on para anchor and we are hoping minimal push South until conditions improve.


Most of his technology has died (66 days at sea will do that!), so I cannot promise an witty videos. He’s got 166 miles left and needs to move at least 17 miles North and the forecast is not optimal.

Owen is inspired by @Okizu kids and families. He stays aware that his experience of difficult conditions, frustration, taking steps forward and then being pushed back and uncertainty about what lies ahead are nothing compared to what Okizu kids and their families experience. He just keeps rowing in support of these heroes!


Race organizers are still predicting early next week. I am traveling to Antigua this weekend. Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers! Owen really appreciates it, as do I.

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