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FEBRUARY 17, 2022

68th Day At Sea

Owen and I just spoke. He shared how appreciative he is for all the prayers, good thoughts and energy and well wishes coming to him! They are working and please keep them coming.

Last night on the para anchor, he described waking up in his watery coffin being dragged South. Fortunately, he fared well and didn’t get pushed South and backwards. He wished he woke up rested and feeling like a million bucks, but cannot report that.

He still has 13 miles to get North over the next 122 miles and winds are pushing SW, but he is making NW progress. He still needs to use the para anchor while not rowing since he doesn’t have an auto tiller and he cannot afford to lose any northern progress. It takes about 15 minutes to deploy and 45 minutes to bring back in, so not a very efficient process. Plus he says it is chewing up his hands.

Dead technology means no music-which is really rough for him.

Trying to manage expectations and countdown as he has had so many setbacks, he needs to keep focused and get North!

I am packing my bags and looking forward to reuniting in Antigua!

Thanks for all the support, it means so much!

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