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BLOG #14 – December 17, 2021  


Conditions have been flat and HOT! No swell and a little wind. Owen said it's like rowing in molasses.


A few highlights-

--He saw his first dolphin a few days ago.
--He has birds following him. He is roughly 180 miles off the coast of Africa so finds this interesting. He says they are small and don't go after his food.
--- His AIS works-- a few nights ago his alarm went off in the middle of the night! Sure enough a large tanker was 1.5 miles behind. He was able to reach them on the radio and they had already altered their course as they has seen him on the AIS (PHEW!). One thing to note--Most of these ship crews don't speak English very well.
-- He has had to started to use the para anchor during rest periods, but is still able to row against the currents. Without the para anchor the boat flips around.
-- He is sleeping well. Too well. He is very comfortable on the boat and is able to get needed rest. Says he sleeps too much. I reminded him that it is not a Ocean holiday!
-- Last night he was visited by a Yacht. They took lots of photos and were curious about his journey.

His spirits are good, he says he doesn't have many blisters. Tomorrow he is hoping to start seeing the Westerlies. Keep praying for waves and favorable winds!

Yacht Visitor - Dec 18.jpeg
Calm Seas- December 17.jpeg
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