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January 7, 2022

Atlantic OCEAN

Hey There!  It’s been a few days. While Owen has no blisters, you can see the callouses and wear on his hands after 25 days of rowing.  Happy to report the @Okizu friendship bracelets are looking great. 


A few milestones and reports over the last few days---

  • Owen has passed the 1/3 completion mark.  While he expects the next 2/3rds will go a bit quicker, he is still not predicting a finish time.  Anything can happen with Mother Nature and the Sea! It’s a long journey. 

  • Yesterday he reported conditions were twitchy and fast.  Waves, winds, and swells coming at him from all directions, hard to get a good stroke or both oars in the water.  Owen just headed into his cabin and set the autohelm.  He said he felt like a passenger and navigator, but his goal was to conserve strength and not fight it.  As things settled down, he was able to get back on the oars well rested. 

  • Today, he reports it is “BIG, WET and FAST”.  He’s tired. It’s lots of work and Owen reports everything is wet!  He says he needs to do laundry and bathe as his clothes and skin are white from all the salt! He reported clocking 6.5kn at one point! He had a big 24 hour period yesterday and hit 57NM, but ever day is different and conditions change often. 

OPG Hands with Bracelets.jpeg

He’s in good spirits and happy with his progress to date.  He asks about friends and family and is grateful for all the support, prayers and well wishes.

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