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January 4, 2022

Atlantic OCEAN

For those of you who know Owen, you will appreciate his sense of humor. For those of you who don’t this is his humorous view of his adventure of a lifetime/Atlantic Holiday!

“You really have to admire the Atlantic Campaigns marketing team. I mean think about what they have to peddle. For the price of a new car, they will organize a self catered holiday for you. The accommodations will be claustrophobic and damp. No maid or laundry service is available. If you have equally insane friends who want to join you, depending on group size, you may need to share beds. Also, there is no indoor plumbing and as such you are required to dispose of your own human waste. Cell service is nonexistent and Wi-Fi is dodgy at best, but only for those able to hold advanced yoga poses for extended periods of time. And, while they offer a 24-7 advice line, they do not offer roadside assistance. Their barristers notify you that they are not responsible for any trip delays including if you never reach your intended destination and instead end up on another continent entirely. And yet every year Atlantic Campaign’s holidays are sold out. Now if that isn’t a world class marketing department, what is?”

We love Atlantic Campaigns and appreciate all they do for the rowers and their supporters!

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