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FEBRUARY 26, 2022


Another great race ends and the build-up for the next Atlantic Race and our first Pacific Race grows in pace.

The race is so much more than the time at sea. Having seen the rowers from their sign up - sometimes two or three years before they race - answering questions as they prepare, delivering the Ocean Rowing Course, inspecting boats and equipment before they ship, the time in Gomera and then the daily calls at sea it is very special indeed to see them step ashore in Antigua. For me the greatest part of this job is being part of the journey and seeing the life changing impact in the eyes of the rowers.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the families and supporters without whom so many crews would not even get to the start line (and who have lost so much sleep during the race checking the dots); to the wider and ever growing Dot Watcher family and the familiar faces who come back every year; and to all those who are part of this either at AC, in the fleet, sponsors and partners or those who work with the race making this what it is.

There are lives changed, friendships forged and more adventures than ever imagined. See you all at the next one.

Ian Couch

Photos Courtesy of Atlantic Campaigns

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