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FEBRUARY 25, 2022

Reno, Nevada

Thanks to awesome friends/neighbors (Silvia, Lisa and Joni) for decorating to celebrate Owen's row!   We were thrilled for the fresh milk for our coffee in the morning, cocktails, scones, Scandinavian swimmers, lasagna, Ocean vodka, champagne and fun rowing decor. Thanks for all the support of Owen and watching over Marianne while Owen was at sea!

Homecoming Decorations.jpeg
Way to Row Owen.JPG

A few days after arriving in Reno, we got this amazing card from our awesome supporters, Gayle and Jim.  During the preparations for the row, we had the opportunity to meet Gayle and Jim and they introduced us to their 2 grandchildren who both attended Camp Okizu over the years.  This amazingly creative card did a great job of summing up Owen's journey and we wanted to share! 

We are so blessed they shared this journey with us!

Nadeau Card.JPG
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