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FEBRUARY 20, 2022

NeLson's Dockyard

English Harbor, Antigua

Live from Antigua hopefully less than 24 hours before Owen lands in Nelson's Dockyard.   I met with Lead Safety Officer, Ian, earlier this morning and spoke to Owen also.  The end is near.  Things are bustling in English Harbor, but not awaiting Owen’s arrival.  Everyone is preparing for a huge sailing race tomorrow morning which basically has 75 sailboats from around the world leaving out of English Harbor (Owen’s finish line) tomorrow morning.  The hits keep coming.  This morning we told Owen he needs to hurry up and get in before they start heading out.  Poor Owen, this was the last thing he needed to hear—one more thing out of his control--- so our hope is he arrives any time before 9 am Antigua Time (or 13:00 UTC) which is give or take his best case scenario.  And of course, the Island currents are not helping him.The contingency would be to stay out of the way and wait it out.  Owen will continue to work with Ian to determine the best course of action.

You can watch live on (if you are not on social media-- find someone who can keep you posted).  If you follow Atlantic Campaigns, you can set up to get notifications of when they are going live.  YouTube also shows it live. 



FACEBOOK-  I think you can watch even without an account.  You can test by trying to watch one of the previous arrivals.

YOUTUBE- If you subscribe to the Atlantic Campaigns, you can get notifications when they go live.  If you need more technical assistance—talk to your kids.

YouTube Atlantic Campaigns

For Kicks and Giggles here is info on Sailing Race (RORC600)


Thanks for the flurry of last minute donations to propel Owen to the finish.  He is so excited to hear of all of these.  We have hit the $190,000 mark.  Such a way to celebrate his landing!  I am wearing my Okizu hat as I type in the Caribbean breeze.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

We cannot thank all of your support of Owen and Okizu!  Owen is so grateful as am I.  We cannot wait to celebrate with you on land!

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