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BLOG #12 – December 11, 2021  

San Sebastian, La Gomera- Canary Islands 

1 Day Before Race Start

Tomorrow is Race Day!  Race starts at 10:45 am local time (2:45 am PST and 5:45 EST)  Boats leave every 3 minutes and Owensrowing is the second to last boat to leave La Gomera.  He will leave at 12:28 local time (4:28 PST and 7:28 EST).  You can watch live at Atlantic Campaigns Facebook Coverage.

So much has happened and for those of you not on social media, sorry for the lack of info, but we had to manage our time.  We will be posting more frequently on Facebook and Instagram.  Links below!  There is a lot to catch up on!!!

Here is how to watch race and Owensrowing:

You can track Owensrowing “realtime” on the YB Race app (let me know if you cannot find) or click on the link on our homepage. Download the App and find Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge and you can follow his dot across the Atlantic.  A few things to note, it updates every few hours, so it is not quite real time and apparently in the first few days the readings might not be accurate until they clear the islands and volcanoes.  When Owensrowing gets close to the finish, they take the readings more frequently.


There is a group on Facebook called Dot Watchers.  It will have others around the world following Owensrowing and all the teams.  Lots of insight and sharing of everyone’s journey.  Check it out, if you want another way to get involved with the race!


Lots has transpired in the last few weeks—Let me get you caught up...

  • As a reminder, Owen left on Oct 7 to drive Jack Keane to Savannah GA.  A month earlier than previous years, due to International shipping issues.

  • Jack Keane was in Savannah for 2 weeks before he was loaded on to the planned ship.  Jack Keane got to Tenerife (island next to La Gomera) on November 29—timed perfectly for an on time arrival at the start line. Owen arrived in Tenerife on November 29.

  • Jack Keane was expected to arrive in La Gomera on November 30, however due to customs issues, local shipping challenges and 2 local holidays, three American boats were extremely delayed.  The 3 teams worked closely with Atlantic Campaigns to get the boats to the start and finally committed to  2 boats on  Wednesday, December 8th and Jack Keane on Thursday, December 9th at approximately 4pm local time.  Owen volunteered to be the last boat (as they could only transport 2 on the ferry).  Owen had less critical repairs than the others and as a soloist, less stuff.    Total Nailbiter!!!

  • THURSDAY—DECEMBER-9-Upon Jack Keane’s arrival, we had the benefit of several other teams’ help with rapid unloading and Owen was able to pass food and emergency water inspections  and I was able to get the food and water packed and prepped for race prior to Owen having to attend a 6:00 pm race meeting.  After the meeting, Owen continued to prepare for mandatory gear and safety inspections.  Two safety inspectors spent several hours with Owen going through all items.  There were a few minor items and 2 known repairs.  We got the boat repacked (75% where it went and 25% just secured)  Within 6 hours, we were grabbing a pizza and a bottle of wine to debrief and create our plan for Friday! All of Owen’s preparations paid off!

  • FRIDAY- DECEMBER 10-   Minor repairs, final safety checks, medical kit inspection, vendors installing beacons, testing and replacing antennae, validating AIS  and a watermaker upgrade (unplanned--- but offered by the manufacturer). Approximately 24 hours after Jack Keane’s arrival, Owen and Jack Keane were in the water and race ready (probably an Atlantic Campaigns record!).   Owen spent the night on the boat to get some sea legs and make adjustments to his sleeping cabin. Happy to be reunited with Jack Keane.

  • SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11 – A blessing of Jack Keane and Owen by a local priest dockside (coordinated by Owen—all in Spanish, rescheduled twice), a quick confirmation row and now running off to his professional photo shoot (Atlantic Campaigns required).


It was an intense 2 days!  Owen was calm and composed.  It was impressive to watch him in action!


Other Items---


  • Join the 75-25 pool,  We will close it down shortly after Marianne arrives back in Reno!   $20 and a chance to win over $150 now--- Goal is is $500 winnings and $1,500 to Okizu—SEND A KID TO CAMP!  75 25 Pool

  • Woo hoo!  Owensrowing has raised over $133,000 for Okizu!  Thanks to all our donors.💕  He has 133,000 reasons to get this done!  He is so grateful for the support of Okizu.


Thanks for all your support and well wishes! ROW OWEN ROW!!!

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