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BLOG #11 – NOVEMBER 22, 2021

In 6 days, I will be enroute to the race start.  All of us rowers are required to arrive almost 2 weeks before the race start so that we can undergo an in-depth equipment inspection (think proctol exam), safety briefings, weather briefings, and photo shoots.


Hard to believe that I signed up for this race in February 2020 - 21 months ago!  But the seed for this journey was planted way back in 2010 when I read Roz Savage’s book rowing the Atlantic.  But like a redwood tree’s seed, it took a fire for this idea to really take root.  It wasn’t until we lost our home in 2017 Atlas Peak fire that I took the steps necessary to allow me to do this row. 


We have been blessed by everyone’s support of Okizu.  We are closing in on $125,000 raised for Okizu.  We’d like to send even more kids to camp this summer.  To help achieve this goal we are starting our 75-25 pool.  75% of all dollars raised in the pool goes to Okizu and the other 25% goes to the winner of the pool.  Each entry is only $20 and no limit to how many times you enter.


How to win pool?  Simple – predict my finishing time.  Closest prediction wins 25% of the pot and other 75% goes to Okizu.  If we raise $2,000, we will send one child to summer camp and the winner will get $500.  


To raise $2,000 we need 100 entries.  Only way we can accomplish this is with your support.  We need each of you to send this to five of your friends, and to ask them to send it to five of their friends.  Will you help us send one more child to camp next summer?  Please circulate this widely among all your friends/connections.


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