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January 16, 2022

Atlantic OCEAN-- HALfwAY!!!!

Talisker Whisky Cup.jpeg

Raise a glass! Owen is halfway.  A few things to note:

  • He did a perfect job of hitting the 1/2 way mark at the exact 4 hour interval when the race organizers "pinged' him.

  • He is going to row more than 2,750 Nautical miles if you follow the YB tracker. Why 1,375?  Per Atlantic Campaigns, the most direct course between La Gomera and Antigua is 2,750, but due to mother nature, wind and ocean current swells, etc most rowers will not be able to take a direct course.  At this juncture (and will change), Owen will row over 2,860 NM but since 1,375 is the half way point, he wanted to keep that measure.  He will end up rowing more than 2, 860 most likely since the winds are pushing him slightly south of Antigua so he will have to head North later when the Winds are blowing due West. He's made these adjustments before. 

  • I thought he said he was going to row 3,000 miles?   ---- 2.750 nautical miles are approximately 3,165 miles. So he will be rowing well over 3,000 miles.   


We are hoping Owen starts to get some more consistent/favorable conditions for the next half!  

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