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BLOG #3 - March 7, 2021


The 2020 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge finished less than 2 weeks ago and it was an incredible race!  Teams were faced with less than desirable weather conditions at the start of the race.  Route choice turned out to be a critical factor this year – teams that chose the northern more direct route suffered, while teams that chose the longer more southern route were not as negatively affected by the weather. 

In addition to adverse weather, teams had to deal with issues like Marlin strikes – multiple in this year’s race.


But despite the weather and sea creature considerations, there were a number of results to be celebrated.  Perhaps most impressive, all 21 teams finished the race – an unusual feat in and of itself!  Three world records were broken – Fastest Pairs crossing (Team Row4Cancer), Oldest person to row the Atlantic (Frank Rothwell) and Youngest female to row the Atlantic Ocean (Jasmine Harrison).  Hats off to all of them!!! 


As a solo rower I have been gathering data on the prior solo rowers.  After this year’s race, the average solo crossing time for the past six races is 61 days 11 hrs. and 33 minutes.  Five of this year’s soloist beat that average time.  I can only hope Neptune allows me a crossing no longer than the six year average.


I have to say, while I am impressed with the world records set this year and the fastest than average solo crossing times, I am most impressed with Craig Forsyth.  The guy is a BEAST! 


He, like others, suffered the bad weather at the start.  But that was only the beginning for Craig.  His water maker failed for several days.  He suffered saddle sores – including infection so bad he struggled to sit at times.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he endured sores/infection to his scrotum.  Consideration was given to whether to abandon.  But he pushed through all the pain and discomfort – a sock can only provide so much relief.  And while he may have finished last, he is in my book a true champion!  It takes an inner warrior to push through when things are truly ugly and the exit can easily be had.  I can only hope to show an equal amount of fortitude.  Craig – Bravo Zulu!. 


With the 2020 race completed, when you now visit taliskerwhiskyatlanticchallenge you will notice the race countdown clock has been reset for the 2021 race and the first teams shown are the 2021 team entrants.  In this spirit, the prior sponsor logos have been removed from Jack Keane in preparation of the installation of our sponsor logos.  There is still time to get your (or your Company’s) name on the boat.  Please consider sponsoring – 100% of the proceeds go directly to Okizu



Things are getting real and very quickly!!!!  Hope you will continue to follow me on this journey.

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