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BLOG #16---December 21, 2021

Atlantic Ocean

From Owen this Morning--- 

"While these conditions look like I should be flying they are fact quite slow.  Stop rowing and boat immediately heads N-NW.  But it sure is beautiful."

Gorgeous Day and Calm Seas- December 21 2021.jpeg

I just spoke to Owen this morning.  Conditions are still very slow, although he is making forward progress it is certainly not optimal.  He says he is doing fine physically- no callous or blister issues, bum is a bit sore, but no chafing and his shoulder is great.  All good news, but he is a bit disheartened by the extremely slow start and hopes to be in Antigua by my birthday (May)-- he is keeping his sense of humor. While we know conditions are going to change (hopefully on Thursday-- another 1 1/2 days), he's doing what he can to keep rowing and stay positive. 

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