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BLOG #1  - December 2, 2020


I am super excited to post my first official blog.  Today the 2020 Talisker Whisky – Atlantic Challenge rowers arrived in La Gomera (Canary Islands).  Over the next 10 days, the 2020 Atlantic Challenge rowers will undergo pre-race briefings and safety inspections.  On December 12th, the teams will launch on the 2020 race.  One year from today, I will be attending those same pre-race briefings in advance of my own 2021 Atlantic Challenge row in support of Okizu.  


This year there are 21 teams – 8 solos; 2 pairs; 1 trio and 10 fours – totaling 55 rowers.  Including Frank Rothwell who at 70 years old is shooting to be the oldest person to row the Atlantic Ocean.  Due to COVID-19 – yes, I know an ugly word that I will endeavor to avoid repeating - next year’s race has record number of participants. Several 2020 teams chose to defer their race start to 2021 due to Covid.  As of mid-November the 2021 race was sold out, including the waiting list.  In 2021, there are currently are 37 teams - 2 solos (including me), 14 pairs, 3 trios, 17 fours and 1 fives – totaling 107 rowers.  Almost double 2020!!! 


I can only imagine what this year’s 55 rowers are feeling as they prepare to launch on an adventure of a lifetime – excitement; hope; self-doubt; fear; and trepidation.  I, myself am excited and nervous, at the same time, about what the next year will entail.  How will my artificial shoulder handle the training?  Learning to navigate, using the VHF radio, updating my first aid training, spending my first day on my ocean rowboat, and spending my first night on my ocean rowboat.  These are just some of the thoughts running through my head.


Please follow me as I undertake this journey and also in supporting Okizu

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